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My Adult Stem Cell Journey

My Adult Stem Cell journey began in 2007 and became a reality in 2009 . I spent two years researching before making my final decision. I would suggest that everyone interested in having a Adult or any Stem Cell treatment or transplant should do the same. Research , investigate and inquire. Ask as may questions as you possibly can before making your final decision.I have MS and you must understand that a Stem Cell transplant is not a cure , I still have MS . There are NO  GUARANTEES ! Stem Cells have been know to reverse some cases of MS. I do believe that our cures for many illnesses will come from Adult Stems Cells.I am happy with my decision .Good Luck on your journey to better health ,sincerely Nicolena Nina

nicolena nina heading to mexico

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nn wearing her ohg bracelet
given for her sc trip to mexico


part 2
stem cell journey

welcome home
nina & sal home from mexico




li news

li news

"I have seen a medicine.that's able to breathe life into a stone.quicken a rock and make you dance canary.with spritely fire and motion...w.shakespeare

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press for:nina's incomplete biography

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the green tomato




life reflecting art ?

or art reflecting life ?

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"be the change you want the world to be"ghandi

"how old would you be,if you did not know how old you are"? ruth gordon