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ok so  this will sound like a real fifty year old speaking ... i finally got the nerve to go get my nose pierced last week by dominick at starlight tattoo. i have  been visiting and leaving for at least five years and without the piercing. this time i got my piercing ! mario you run a real class act here with the most professional ,artisitcally talented , helpful ,friendly, understanding and polite  staff ever ! of course that led me to getting my long awaited tattoo .missy was great at showing how a real pro can even work on a moving canvas. and still create a real work of art. i truly appreciate the arts of tattooing & piercing more than ever. i already have my next tattoo picked and i definately will not be waiting another five years for this one ... luv,nn

sissy starting my tattoo ,starlight tattoo
had no idea what ly ahead...

The patience of a saint...
trying to draw and hold a twiching MS food still !

missy is sooo skilled & talented
to be able to paint a moving canvas

unwrapped and i love it !
thanks missy I love you too.

missy get ready for my next tattoo
and you will see it here first.

more more the nj giant fans
my son damion & jason

nj giants fans

another cigar smokin friend ,paul gargiulo


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please take a virtual tour: cathedral basilica of the sacret heart

pope john paul
sacred heart cathedral basilica

the cathedral basilica of the sacred heart
pretty in pink

donate a tree to "cherry blossoms" in branch brook park

st.lucys church home to st.gerard

St Lucy's


give support to the newark museum

subscibe to italian news

"be the change you want the world to be"ghandi

"how old would you be,if you did not know how old you are"? ruth gordon